Hack/Flash Podcast Episode #1 for October 2011

Up now, the inaugural episode of the Hack/Flash Podcast, your monthly roundup of culture and media in Cardiff and Wales.


Joining Lee Marshall, Helia Pheonix and Carl Morris on this month’s episode are Neil Cocker and Claire Scantlebury of Ignite Cardiff, TEDxCardiff, and @creativecardiff talking about their latest ventures in creative and cultural industries.

Here we will have the show notes, the links and connections to the events and people on the show, so if you are interested in anything you heard about, check here.

Neil and Claire’s links:

Get involved with @creative_cardiff:


Follow us all on Twitter:
Neil: http://twitter.com/#!/NeilCocker/
Claire: http://twitter.com/#!/Claire_S
Lee: http://twitter.com/#!/Leeunderpass
Helia: http://twitter.com/#!/phoenixlily
Carl:  http://twitter.com/#!/carlmorris

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